A decision has been made on your uk visa application

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A decision has been made on your uk visa application

I'm still waiting for mail or message from the embassy to go get my refusal and haven't heard notin yet. On the Tls tracking page still displays " sent to ukvi Sheffield " even tho I've got the mail saying decision has been made Is it advisable to visit there office to check if my passport is with them cuz it's suppose to take working days?

Hubby got a decision made email from Sheffield then another from tls that also a decisions been made I would suggest popping down today or tomorrow if you can as should be 5 days I think it'd cruel they refund before I hope you can get an overturn. Hi everyoneplease based on your observations what is the average processing times for visit visa applications submitted in VI Lagos and processed in Sheffield?

I tried looking up the Average processing times on UKVI website however it has not been updated of recent. Would be glad if fellow recent applicants on nairaland can let me know how long theirs took as TLS doesn't seem to be updating their tracking page Hi everyone.

I apologise in advance if my question may have been flogged before. I attempted adding the courier service on the tlscontact site and it went straight to payment. A decision has been made on your UK visa application. Your application will be dispatched within 48 hrs.

If anyone contacts you advising that your application is still under consideration or that they can influence the outcome of your application in any way, please disregard as they cannot. You should not expect to receive any further notification from this office.

That has been posted and the same question asked hundreds of times here! It means that you do not know until your package arrives. Everybody gets it so no.

Thanks 15 working days. Many thanks kay1one2. I hail all my bosses on here ooo, been a quiet reader all these while cos i've got no case to present, but would need ur attention on my friends issue. His mother remarried another man after the demise of my friend's father and she relocated to the UK in and today she's also a british Citizen by marriage. Being the First Son, My friend's mum wants him to visit the UK during his annual leave therefore I advised him to request for the following docs - 1.Log in or Sign up.

British Filipino. This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Learn More. I recoeved an email from VFS. Visa decision Please note this is an auto generated e-mail. Please do NOT reply to this email. Regards, Visa Application Centre. Did anyone recieve the same email as mine? I'm very nervous right now. I hope that my visa application was granted.

One cannot really make a safe assumption with the short statement on offer, but we wish you all the best AromulusNov 15, Hi Mhel Got ours yesterday phew! Ours was 'differed' first, we had to show more proof so yours sounds ok to me. Good luck. All it means is you will soon know the answer as the decision has been made.

Processed VISA application has been dispatched through courier - no VISA stamp in my passport

HowerdNov 15, Creative x 1. Good luck Mhel, I hope it is good news. KuyaNov 15, We had the same message and my wife got the visa, however we didn't get any other message. It is possible to receive the same message as yours and ours and not get the visa. Unless you get a message saying that you have been issued the visa then you will have to wait till you receive your passport.Follow Us.

From my personal experience and research done through reading about and asking other applicants who have applied, I have noticed that the email sent for a rejected applicant differs from that sent to an accepted applicant. I was shocked to know how true this was. I wanted to share this information so that applicants will know beforehand rather than wait to see it on their passport because as a student who is preparing to travel to another country, you certainly would want to prepare for a rejection or an approval.

There are two types of emails that you get for a Tier 4 student visa others included as well. The email that they send for a rejection has this format:. Dear Applicant, A decision has now been taken on your application. Your documents will be sent to you shortly through the visa application centre Teleperformance Please allow days courier time depending on the country that you have applied.

Please note that, this email address does not accept incoming emails.

Applying for a visa to come to the UK

As for an accepted application the format of the email differs and here is how it would look like:. A decision has now been made on your application. Also, at the end they tell you not to reply to the email because they know that you will find a rejection on your application and therefore tell you not to reply to this email to question them about their decision. I have found that there are two different formats of emails sent to applicants who are rejected and accepted.

This was written to comfort those who are worried about their application status and to prepare them for a re-application in case of a refusal and to ready those accepted for travelling to UK. For those who are rejected, do not worry because I was rejected at first too. And to those accepted, fill your suitcase with lots of jackets because the UK is really cold!

Hello all, Is it true that an email with ref number and ukvi 06 mean the visa is approved??? I got this mail waiting for call to pick my passport. I got my decision mail on 14th working day. Any help much appropriated.

Like Like. Looking for fresh buyers? Get thousands of people who are ready to buy sent directly to your website. Boost revenues quick. Start seeing results in as little as 48 hours. To get details write a reply to: paulsau gmail. Thank you for your UK visa application, a decision has now been made.

UKVI may issue your visa decision by email. UKVI uses the email address you entered on your visa-application-form. We recommend you check your email before attending VFS to collect your documents. It is important you do not go to the Visa Application Centre straight away. Passports will be ready for collection in 1 working day from the receipt of this email. They will dispatch your passport to you once they process your application.Welcome to Part 3. I perceive lots of success stories in this part.

You're too much. FrontPageLawyer : Welcome to Part 3. Dear Justwise great job u r doing here. I got a mail on two occasions UK Sheffield section.

First was my application has been recieved and the second was a decision has been made on my application both mails has the VAF numbers. Could u please confirm to me if this is a sign of success.

Waiting for ur kind response. VAF number is just your application ref number, issued or refused the letter will still carry that number. Until you open your application, the decision of the visa officer is unknown to anyone. Stay calm and relax. Okay tx for ur early response. Is there a clue from the body of the letter that can determine my fate b4 I go collect the docs formally? FrontPageLawyer : Until you open your application, the decision of the visa officer is unknown to anyone.

Tx We all understand your anxiety, but seriously it's nothing to worry about. A decision has already been made by the UKBA. Remain positive. Many thanks as always. I want to know the reliable amount that can be in account and i own my business and i don't pay myself salary for now but i transfer money most of the time into my personal acct, and also i have tax clearance for my biz,payee for myself and for my staff what should i do?

Pls knw that all fees including accomodation will be paid to the school before applying. Thank you. Hello Prof Justwise, Am just curious. Is there is specific reason for breaking the thread at pages. I see other threads doing Thumbs up for the good qork you are doing. TERRYgbaa : good day guys, i would like to enquire, a friend is inviting me over to the Uk, do i tick the tourist option or the visiting friend option,i have book tours alrdy, in which i have paid for, with an acc of 5m do i have a good chance of getting the visa thanks cc justwise thanks Your question is not really clear, but what you need is a "General Visitor Visa".

Before the business was registered, where have you worked? Have you been running this new business and in what capacity? It is not enough reason to just register a business simply because you want to to travel. FrontPageLawyer : Before the business was registered, where have you worked? I ran my late father's business which was like a family business, but just got my own business this year!

Is your late father's business Registered?So, you have submitted your UK visa application and you want to know how long the waiting time will be? Some people will write about how they got a decision within a few weeks whilst others will complain about their visa application taking months.

a decision has been made on your uk visa application

Whilst you cannot currently track your own individual visa application, the GOV. UK website is trialling a new visa processing times service.

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This will tell you how long it is currently taking to process a visa application in the country from which you are applying. The results will vary based on the type of visa you are applying for and where you will submit your application from. Click here to check it out for yourself. If you have submitted a UK visa application and you are waiting to hear the outcome then you can visit GOV. UK website to get more information or updates.

Once you have answered the questions on the GOV. Be wary of the phone numbers that will be shown as they are very expensive. Over the phone, the information they provide is usually limited as the person you speak to will probably not be dealing with your application. The single biggest delay in visa processing times comes from applications that have not been properly prepared.

A well documented application has a much better chance of being decided quickly and in your favour. Save the following information to make tracking your visa application status easier when you are dealing with UKVI or any other organisation. Your Payment Reference Number — You will get this once you have paid for your application.

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It is a 16 digit number. How to track your UK Visa application status.

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No doubt, you have searched online and on forums and the answer is no clearer. So how can you avoid the frustration that comes with UK Visa waiting times? Quick Links. Top Tip. Related articles. Read more.

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How to translate documents for your UK Visa application. Search for advice Search.Moderators: CasapushJAJca. Click the "allow" button if you want to receive important news and updates from immigrationboards. Please use this section of the board if there is no specific section for your query. Call workpermit. And what are the chances that it is approved? You will be contacted again by the VAC once these documents have been received and they are ready for you to collect.

If you have chosen to have your documents couriered to you, these will be despatched by the VAC once they have been received. Please do not attend the application centre until you have been contacted by the VAC. The applicant will have to wait to see the outcome once they collect their documents. I reserve the right to ignore the PM and not respond.

It's just not fair! Hows yours? A decision has now been made on your application and has been dispatched along with the documentation submitted.

The completed application has been dispatched to the Visa Application Centre for them to process and forward to you, in accordance with your instructions to them. If you need to reply telephone the office dealing with your application, quoting your reference number VAF No. This email with any attachments is intended for the attention of the addressee s only. If you are not the intended recipient, please inform the sender straight away before deleting the message without copying, distributing or disclosing its contents to any other person or organisation.

Unauthorised use, disclosure, storage or copying is not permitted. Any views or opinions expressed in this e-mail do not necessarily reflect the FCO's policy. Personal information may be released to other UK government departments and public authorities. Last edited by noajthan on Tue May 31, pm, edited 1 time in total. Reason: Removed personal info. Casa, not CR Please don't send me PMs asking for immigration advice on posts that are on the open forum.

If I haven't responded there, it's because I don't have the answer. I'm a moderator, not a legal professional.

a decision has been made on your uk visa application

My experience is: if you receive an email stating that your passport has been dispatched then it is a good news.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. Travel Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for road warriors and seasoned travelers. It only takes a minute to sign up. I've examined some mails from decision making centers on the net, but mine is the only one that tells 'the outcome of your application has been successful and dispatched.

I wonder if I can learn the outcome of visa from those mails lately. Because as far as I know, we cannot learn it till we get the passport. Guys first of all thank you for your answers. Actually I didn't post the whole mail as I found it unnecessary. I'm pretty sure the mail is legitimate, and this is the whole version.

Decision Making Centre Mail. I read something like i could upload all the files they need while applying visa since the beginning of this last April. With this novelty, i dont know if i should consider the ''outcome of your application has been successful'' is a new thing that from now on we can learn whether we have granted visa or not.

Guys I was going to write the result of my visa application, sorry for editing late. I got the visa, and I asked an officer working at VAC if there was any possibility that we could learn from the email writing 'the outcome of your application has been successful '.

They said there never exists a single indication whether to get the visa from emails,so it's better not to think about the mails we get too much. Just think positive and wait for your passport to arrive. Thanks a lot for your all answers!!! In previous month we had 6 applications and all of them had the following email from the Istanbul Visa Decision Center:. The outcome of your application has been successful and dispatched. Please allow days for your documents to arrive at your visa application centre or to be couriered back to you if you have purchased this option.

You can track your application on TLS website. Please be informed that your responses will remain anonymous. The outcome of your application has been dispatched. So the difference is only in the word "successfull". If it there - you got your visa, if not - you get your passport with refusal letter.

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And it looks to be applicable to Istanbul center only. When I did my web search - it appears that for Abu Dhabi center if the email says concluded than it means the visa was refused, if issued - than visa was granted.

EDIT: Some of the below answers maybe correct but my answer below is with the limited info provided in the original question.

a decision has been made on your uk visa application

That said, I'd still use the guidelines detailed below:. I'd also advise you to look at the email and see if it looks legit. EDIT: Another answer seems more accurate and up-to-date than mine. It is hard to know until we find out a counter example e. I was granted three visas two visitor visas, one work visa between andthey never disclosed the decision via e-mail. Inphrasing of the e-mail was a little bit different as below.

A decision has now been made on your application. I don't think the word "successful" in your e-mail mean that the visa was granted. It should mean the process was completed.

In any case, their phrasing is not clear.


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